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Nordy Sales + Breedings [mucho mutations]I'ma try not to make another sale journal after this one for most of my nordy buying/selling needs, but we'll just have to see, LOL. As usual, I'm always open to offers on horses themselves or their breedings, just comment on any of my horses if the one you're interested in isn't listed here. And remember folks, all my prices are OBO. :lol:
Breeding and sale rules listed here.
NOTE: 'OBO' stands for 'or best offer' and 'BO' stands for 'best offer.'
Every 1,000pts may be swapped out for 25 kaaring on all of these offers! 500pts would 12.5 kaaring, etc. etc. Woot woot, art slots <3
:new: Now Accepting USD! 100pts/1usd (eg. $40=4,000pts, etc. etc.)- note that I will only be doing paypal deals with people I feel I can trust given recent shenanigans. ;p


Slot Resale [cheap]Reselling some slots I know I'll never use- I've tried to contact everybody I think might have an issue with me reselling, but if you want your horse removed just let me know! :)
Prices are completely negotiable; I just want them gone. MAKE ME AN OFFER! :la:

Rec. Mutations:
Dom. Mutations:

(note me to discuss Diamante's spots)
Napier's Rules + Breeding InfoListed here is all the information you need to know about acquiring a breeding to one of my horses. If you have any questions concerning something here, please comment below.
Even if a horse says it is closed, feel free to note me offers. I am always open to art, point, USD or breeding trade offers.
Breeding FAQ:
Q: How quickly do I have to use my breeding?
A: I've never put a deadline on any of my breedings, and I don't think I ever will, so unless I've explicitly stated a use-by date at the time of purchase you're welcome to wait as long as you like! Do note however that I occasionally send out friendly reminders through notes, as I do not want spots to sit completely unwanted.
Q: Can I breed your horse to this mare/stallion?
A: Yes... yes you may. I try not to police breedings at all, you're free to do as you please- see below for dom mutation information.
Q: Am I allowed to breed a dom or double mutation out of your horse?
A: I

Commission Info

F e a t u r e d

Hard Candy by PSNapier

Alternative Pricing:
It is probably worth noting that I am open to offers regarding my pricing- though the point pricing is fairly set in stone, I'm always quite happy to entertain offers of breedings, horse-trades, kaaring swaps etc. etc.

Misc. Info:
I am happy to attempt drawing non-equine livestock, pets, settings, humans etc, just be forewarned my style may not be up to par considering what you ask me to draw.
Yes you may use my art for refs- I appreciate knowing about in advance, but yes you may.

& Most Importantly:
Please include a link to the horse you would like to me draw when you order! This is the most important bit, haha.
Lastly, be aware that - on average - I complete commissions in 3-4 weeks. If I go longer than that, I usually offer you the chance at either a partial or full refund. Unfortunately the real world, and even our virtual horsie worlds, get in the way of productivity sometimes... I have a lot of responsibilities IRL (on-call at my barn, and constant watch over my ill father) so please be patient. <3

Commission Me Below!


Quicky Headshot
Stable Comish by PSNapier
Angelic Comish 2 by PSNapier
Diamond Avi by PSNapier
1 Horse Only | Animation (restricted to eye-blink) Available Upon Request
Cartoon Headshot
ADLG's Le Deamhan's Grasta 5802 by PSNapier
4191 Endeverafter by PSNapier
ADLG's Ban Cliodhna 6116 by PSNapier
1 Horse Only | Tack Available Upon Request | Animation (restricted to eye-blink) Available Upon Request
Cartoon Fullbody
Rouge And Griand by PSNapier
Demi Comish by PSNapier
Shy Commie - Fall Vahsi by PSNapier
Up to 2 Horses | BG Included | Tack Available Upon Request | Animation (restricted to eye-blink) Available Upon Request
Minimal Headshot
Candy Queen by PSNapier
WTC7 Comish by PSNapier
Sixx Sense Fanart by PSNapier
Up to 3 Horses | Swirly Style Available Upon Request | Tack Available Upon Request
Minimal Fullbody
Breeding Comp - Cleopatra by PSNapier
541 Bid by PSNapier
Moon-Rover Bid by PSNapier
Up to 2 Horses | BG Included | Tack Available Upon Request
25 Kaaring
Rothchild Sheet 2 by PSNapier
Freya Kaaring 1 by PSNapier
Rothchild Page 1 by PSNapier
A package deal for 25 Kaaring (though this can of course be used for other horses). I choose the style- will never be overly rushed or tacky, but will also be delivered promptly. Availability is contingent on current workload and the design complexity of your horse.

Me On DA


:iconcolorfulsparklesplz: :iconslayermoon98: :iconweyheyitskay: :iconmishranna: :iconcolorfulsparklesplz:

Main Groups:



Jareth Juggling Stamp by TwilightProwler Robert Englund by lonelycrow DC Joker Applause Stamp by TwilightProwler
Ghost Rider Stamp 2 by dA--bogeyman Mythbusters Stamp by SoaringWind I Support Insane Doctors by justmeandmygoldfish
Villains Are My Heroes Stamp by dA--bogeyman Sherlocked by darkestmelody A Grey Stamp by RoxyOblivion
Research by paramoreSUCKS :stamp quote: by ashers-ashers Useless knowledge by paramoreSUCKS
WARNING by Tophthetomboy evolution stamp by Apsaravis Religion is war by black-cat16-stamps
Note Stamp by SoVeryUnofficial ProSith by Ishdakitty Virgo 2 by SquallxZell-Leonhart
Believe Quote - Stamp by starfire-wolf I Love My Equine OCs Stamp by PSNapier I Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatte

Slot Resale [cheap]

Sat Dec 28, 2013, 12:01 PM

Reselling some slots I know I'll never use- I've tried to contact everybody I think might have an issue with me reselling, but if you want your horse removed just let me know! :)
Prices are completely negotiable; I just want them gone. MAKE ME AN OFFER! :la:


Queen Hatshepsut 5979 by Rebels-Landing-NZ 4806 PFS Wagon Wheel by PhenixFyre4250 DHC Claire De Lune a Minuit -temp- by WeyHeyitsKayID 5818 Fight The Dead, Fear The Living by Banana-Stoner-Stable Up All Night by ThePantsyTrio

Rec. Mutations:

<da:thumb id="403750968"/> 4386 AS Side of a Bullet - SOLD by Argentievetri 5730 Crossroad's Passion Pit by FelTheLioness5195 - SJS Savannah by theSilverJackaL  #5817 My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark by Moose---Juice

Dom. Mutations:

(note me to discuss Diamante's spots)

Polls are my checklists... 

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ROFL Corner

This Is What Friends Are For:

BAHAHA by PSNapier WALK INTO THE CLUB LIEK~ by SlayerMoon98 This comment by PSNapier

Mephisto's Sprite by luckdown Aislinn's Sprite by luckdown Zarathos' Sprite by luckdown
"Long story short, people are stupid. Keep calm and get a pretty roan."


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Here is the other half of my payment for the slot to Aislinn; 12.5 kaaring, and I already sent you the 500 points. If you could switch my slot on Aislinn to usable so I can send in the breednote now, that'd be great! ^_^
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SilverOakStables Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Check your comission request! I sent the other version C:
Mishranna Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Turbo poke
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I love you, Sempaiiii!!!~ la in love :ninjalove:
You are smart and pretty and talented and patient and kind ahh~ Emoji08
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Guess who was re-reading the VASE story at 2 am last "night"? x'D
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